while this was from earlier this year when i was none too happy stuck inside doing homework on a beautiful 80 degree sunny day in the city it still sorta applies today where it’s hovering somewhere in the 30s and it’s more real work as opposed to reading construction drawings for buildings that don’t exist.

i look forward to going home. new jersey may be the armpit of the country but it’s an armpit i can go to where absolutely nothing is required of me but going to midnight mass on Christmas Eve. i can spend the rest of my week there sleeping in, stuffing soft pretzels into my mouth at all waking moments and napping. so yeah. equal parts eating and sleeping with one hour allocated to the jesus’ birthday party. one hour if we’re lucky. one hour if the overzealous choir guy doesn’t go rogue on his after communion solo of ‘Ave Maria’.

there is something comforting about being able to hang out in the room i grew up in and read books which constitutes 90% of my teenage years. going back to a place and time where nothing was required of me but to be smart. back then, being smart was really easy. i just had to not ruffle any feathers at school and get good grades and everyone left me alone. when i look back i had no right to all that ridiculous teenage angst i carried around. i had it pretty sweet.

while my family and i haven’t always been bff’s i’ve always had the luxury of going home and having the room i grew up in look pretty much the same for the most part and this sanctuary, this safe place, is a warm comfortable place to hide for awhile. i’m giving myself a time out to hit the reset button.


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