First Run

First Run

Back to the treadmill, went on my first run after my surgery last night and the difference is quite significant. Not only am I not flopping around all over the place I feel less stress in my knees and ankles. I do however need a real sports bra that fits as my pullover no-wire comfy bras I’ve been living in still don’t provide enough support for high impact running.

i did feel quite broken after i got home though. the lower body soreness from doing some weight training the day prior as well as the 30 minute run has getting in and out of chairs difficult. my hamstrings are complaining very loudly about this transition to lunges and squats and treadmill as opposed to the eliptical i’ve been doing for the past 2 weeks.

i’m still pretty much sugar free but did have a fuck it weekend where an entire garlic naan found its way into my mouth Friday night but i don’t feel any white flour guilt.

now lets just see if i can make it through my work retreat this weekend without murdering someone in a low carb rage because they’re eating cookies in front of me or something. i feel like that is unlikely since i haven’t craved sweets but have craved pizza or bread but you never know.

i’m also checking back in with my surgeon in a month as opposed to two months or so because there does seem to be some adhesions on my right breast where excessive scar tissue has attached itself to the chest wall.  i’ve been doing some scar tissue massage daily to free it up and it has gotten a bit looser but it does still feel like things are pulling when i stretch that side.  it starts right at the T-junction of the incision up to the end near my armpit.  some swelling is still lingering too, most likely because the fluid isn’t draining or is caught in the area because of the adhesions.  If this doesn’t clear up by our next appointment early August he mentioned scar revision surgery, which he noted is minor and not too serious.  i’m hoping jostling the girls around in a healthy manner (running and aerobic activity) along with yoga and self massage that this clears up on its own but it’s good to know that he can go in and remove scar tissue if needed.


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