tumblr_mor20eiA4c1qbl1tpo1_1280last october i completed a 30 Day Bikram challenge. i walked away from the experience with the firm knowledge that my body can do so much more than my mind thinks it can and that while i often believe i am a fear based person i don’t let that fear run my life. i walked into that hot box day after day and made it through some of the worst, hottest, sweatiest, smelliest, gut wrenching classes of my life.
i got a t-shirt for my efforts plus lots of sweaty hugs and love from my fellow challengers.

my body had changed during this time but not enough for me to fit into an american apparel shirt, women’s size large. the shirt barely made it over my boobs at the time and due to the curves it was basically a crop top with the bottom hem hitting right above my belly button.

‘what is this?!?! a shirt for ants?!?!’

i had my zoolander moment, got a bit down about it and then hid the shirt away.

last night i went digging for some yoga tops i wanted to try on and see how they fit after my surgery and found the shirt and decided to try it on despite my doubts it would fit even with the boobs gone.

but it did.

i met with my nurse practitioner this morning. 14 lbs down. going back to the gym feels great. i cannot wait to get back into the hotbox.

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