i didn’t lose any weight this week and i don’t care

i didn't lose any weight this week and i don't care

yay for not caring!

back at the gym, slowly ramping up the cardio, taking to heart my favorite nutritionist’s words of wisdom about the imitation chicken thangs from the asian grocery store that i love so much, it can only get better.

i promised no more daily ingestion of the mock chicken stuffs and will limit it to once a week when i’m over tofu and chickpeas.

and since i’m over salads, i don’t have to do those either unless i want to. as long as i’m eating greens in some form i’m ok. currently the kick is sauteed kale with lots of lemon and garlic.

i can’t believe it’s been 7 weeks since my surgery. it seems like a lifetime ago. i took the pic on the left the morning of my surgery and the one on the right this morning after the dr. and i had brunch. while the right side boob is still showing some swelling it’s not as bad has it was 2 weeks ago when i had a hard time keeping my right arm down because it would press on it. some self lymph massage has helped but it’s still hanging on for a little bit. from what i’ve read online the swelling can linger for 6 months to even a year which sounds insane to me but the body is a mystery and everybody heals differently.

i have another follow up with my surgeon at the end of the month. i’m so close to feeling almost normal i can taste it and it tastes like chocolate milkshakes and sunny days in tank tops with shelf bras that i don’t need to wear a second bra underneath to keep the gals in place.

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