this is my butt

this is my butt

watch it go.

there is this great relief that it is friday and that i have no obligations outside of laundry, homework and resisting the urge to go to the gym because i’m still not sure if i’m out of the weeds yet with this swelling situation.

the side boobs have been a lot happier this week. i noticed wednesday that the swelling had gone down and has been narrowed down to the bottom boob area near my incisions. gone were the flu symptoms and the fatigue. but here’s where it gets me…every time i start to feel almost normal is when something happens and i revert back to remembering i had surgery in the past 6 weeks.

patience. i keep having to tell myself this.

i wore my sneakers today and just the simple act of putting them on made me think i could go to the gym. i wore them to work though because of 2 days of excessive walking in my barefoot shoes and no stretching i had a foot cramp in each foot last night and woke up with a charley horse in my right calf. ugh.

my meeting with the NP at Jumpstart early this morning confirmed i probably need more sodium, potassium and protein in my diet. for a vegetarian getting 100 g of protein in a day is tough. blood pressure and other vitals read normal. she’s pretty pleased that i’m averaging out 1.5-2 lb weight loss a week and so am I. it feels like a normal rate so there’s no red flags going up and i don’t have any ‘going out to eat’ anxiety because i know how to make it work.

the dr. and i talked about vacations last night as i’ve felt like we haven’t gone anywhere or had any real time off lately. while ideally 3 weeks in Europe is the dream, it’s not going to happen but you know what will work for me?



a cottage in the redwoods…


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