i guess my body is telling me to take a break. the only thing i’ve added to my runs though have been things like lunges, squats and modified push ups (as much as i’d like to believe i can do real push ups, i can only really do two before crapping out). i downloaded a 99 cent app called Gorilla Workouts which has different levels to start from with simple workouts consisting of several sets of different weight bearing exercises that don’t really require any special equipment.

on monday i started with day 1, level 1 and did 4 sets of 8 squats, 4 lunges and 10 modified push ups.

by night time my hamstrings woke up and protested their concern of doing all of this after a 45 minute run.

last night i completed day 3, level 1, which consisted of 4 rounds of 10 squats and 10 modified push ups.

this was after a 45 minute run and before trekking up the hill to my house with a bag full of groceries.

by the time i got home i was broken. i don’t remember the last time i was sore. i was grateful day 2 was core work…and that’s coming from someone who has repeatedly told people that she has no core.

i don’t. it’s all cotton candy and marshmallow fluff.

i’m limping around today like an old person. i feel like i will always be limping around like an old person. at what point do i stop hobbling and start strutting like a rock star?

i soak in a hot epsom salt bath after workouts too and it brings momentary relief but then i get up and need handrails and shit.

it took 2 weeks for my body to get used to running. i guess i should report back in another week to let you all know if i’m bound to be a hobbler the rest of my life or if my legs have found their will to live.

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