nothing to report

life has been drama-less as of late though maybe some big things have happened in my camp.  work stuffs. taking more classes  (though not in massage). trying not to think too much about boob job 2013 (must refrain from buying bras that may not fit). working out.  running and more running and more weight bearing stuff such as squats and lunges and other things my legs don’t like.  seriously, yesterday getting in and out of chairs was hard.  my thighs would quiver.  my hamstrings were sad and angry.  despite major soreness i went to the gym and did the eliptical to show my poor hammies some mercy.  

i’ve been making a green juice everyday out of kale. spinach, ginger, a handful of frozen blueberries, 1/2 a carrot, 1/2 a celery stalk (i hate celery), splash of pineapple juice, splash of apple cider.  i’ve been using our vitamix so all the fibrous stuff is still in there.  i drink my green sludge and it’s not so bad.  i’m feeling pretty good too despite last week’s bout with illness and portland recovery.  a week and a half before my pre-op appointment with my surgeon and jeff’s bday.  

this is the most boring read ever but it’s my life right now and i’ll take boring for now.  i can’t complain. most of my days are work, gym, hummus.  i go through bags of epsom salts like nobody’s business and hobble around like an old person but i feel like i’m making progress.  i can run without puking up a lung and if that’s not special i don’t know what is.



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