i’m cranky today. it’s odd because usually a 90% chance of rain always puts me in a good mood but i think my inability to really have a relaxing day yesterday sans any gym or yoga obligations got under my skin. i don’t know where the time went. i don’t know how i lost a whole day or what i did. all i know is that 5 PM rolled around and i was pissed i hadn’t spent most of the day on the couch eating french fries and watching a marathon of season 2 of Game of Thrones. i had wandered out into the world for a structural session with Karen so she could put my neck and shoulders back where they belong. i had wandered parts of potrero hill and weird parts of the mission i’m never in. i don’t think i was out and about for very long. i stopped by duc loi for strange chinese imitation meat things and stevia (random).
i picked up a falafel from ali baba’s on the way home envisioning eating it on the couch in complete sloth pantless abandon.

the moment i got home though i started the task of laundry. i started chopping and rinsing and roasting veggies for dinner. then i had the lovely task of pairing socks and rolling underwear and hanging clothes and organizing my closet and…

not being lazy.

this is the shit that happens when the dr. isn’t around to make sure i’m sufficiently relaxing. he had to go to work yesterday.

when the alarm went off this morning i audibly groaned and made my way to work kicking and screaming. cranky and anxious and annoyed at everything and nothing. pissed off at people’s inability to just suck it up and do what they need to do and deal because I DO IT ALL THE FUCKING TIME.

now i feel bad for feeling ridiculously self centered but i need to let that go.

and fuck. dentist appointment at 4:30. i’m going to be a whiny shitbag all day.


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