i probably shouldn’t have

but i did.

i went running at the gym today despite still feeling sickly.  i was just tired and itching to move something and do something that would elevate my heart rate.  after thinking about it i decided that going to the hotbox sick would be worse than the gym so i grabbed my gym bag which has remained sadly unused for a month and went running.  

some interesting things i discovered:

-After not running for a month i’ve managed to pick up where I left off on the couch-2-5K program without a hitch and actually accelerated my pace.

-Instead of wanting to die 1/2 way through my body wanted to push it and go faster while my brain silently freaked out wondering who stole my old body and replaced it with a cyborg.

-i am now unable to elevate my heart rate, even a little, without breaking out into a sweat. 

i am a sweating machine.  i was drenched the first 5 minutes into my run.  i was sweaty from my one block walk uphill to the muni stop this morning.  i don’t know if this has anything to do with being sick (no fever) or if my body has just become too good at sweating.  it’s just weird.

i rounded out my run with some measly crunches that i fitfully half-assed as the exhaustion set in and my nostrils decided to close up on me again.  

the inability to breathe is the worst part of any cold for me.  unable to breathe through my nose brings some level of anxiety that probably dates back to my asthma ridden childhood.  breath is life so i always think i’m dying when i have a cold.  i’m a dramatic mess. ask the dr.  i flopped around on the couch yesterday like a dying fish.  he even ran out to get me onion rings and i still moaned and groaned in between naps.   i’m hoping this thing goes away as i start to freak out about how i’m going to get on with my life when i’m sick instead of just letting myself be ok with being down for the count.  

i will admit that i’m itching to get back into the yoga studio again.


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