30 day bikram challenge, day 26 & 27 the house is a mess

my last double.  (i hope!  i only have three classes left!)

amy’s morning class was great.  there was such a great vibe and energy this morning upon first walking into the studio.  the place was buzzing.  the decorations were still up from the halloween party they had the night before and they had removed the retail racks and put in cushions so people could lounge and sit (i hope something like this stays, it’s nice to have a cushy place to hang for a bit) and there were some new people taking class for the first time.  amy was also glowing and friendly. when i had first started taking classes at mission yoga last year she was one teacher i had on a fairly regular basis but when i started going again this year i hadn’t seen her on the schedule.  she was subbing for julia who is still down in LA for teacher training.  i felt pretty good when class started and tried to keep that positive attitude as we got closer and closer to standing bow and tuladandasana the two poses that have made me pretty cranky this week.  i did fall out of one side of tuladandasana and did have sticky left psoas issues on standing bow on the left side (right leg locked).  i know this time it’s psoas as it starts in my low back and the pain radiates to the front of the hip,  it’s such a drastic difference on both sides of standing bow.  right side i feel loose yet stable and strong.  left?  the moment i raise my left arm up i feel the psoas pull and won’t let me extend up or stretch forward without some burning sensation on the front of the hip.

ugh. psoas. i hate you.  i want to beat you with a stick.


but something miraculous happened in second set of standing separate leg stretching.

my forehead touched the floor between my feet.  this hasn’t happened since i first started this practice in 2007.  i’ve always had flexible hamstrings and this pose had never been an issue before.  i used to touch my forehead all the time.  when i first started bikram i was pretty sure my forehead was touching because i was hanging out in my knee joints which is bad to do but easy for someone who is hyperflexible.  i’m pretty hyperflexible in my knees and elbows for some reason.  after my break from the practice when i returned to the hotbox, i couldn’t touch my forehead anymore.  i think it’s because i had finally figured out hot to lock my knees which prevented me from getting all the way down.  working on strength in the quads is 100% more beneficial and a lot less dangerous than hanging out in your hypermobile joints.  but today, both legs were locked and not quivering (which they would do from time to time as I went in and out of engaging my quads and locking and unlocking my knee) and i found my forehead on my towel and when i peeked off to the side i saw they were pretty much between my feet.

how did that happen?  just yesterday my forehead felt miles away.

after class i treated myself to tofu breakfast tacos in celebration before heading BACK to the studio for the posture clinic with lucas miles.

the causal nature of the workshop was great as we laid about on our mats and towels as lucas walked us through the standing series, the nuances of each pose and assisted with those who had specific questions or problems.  we’d do the pose, we’d sit down and talk about it, someone would demo while he pointed out alignment details.  my standing separate leg stretching during the workshop was even better than this morning’s class and i wasn’t as warmed up.  (so glad the workshop was not heated though the room was warm from the 10AM class and the fact we kept windows pretty much shut due to the noise outside.)

we had a midworkshop break and the studio had a fruit platter at the front desk for snacking and i was glad i had my peanut butter and honey sandwich in my bag which has become my ritual staple when i do a double.

i was quite surprised at how fast the workshop went.  we finished the standing series and went over final spinal twist at the request of one student before calling it a day.  i changed, thanked lucas and walked out into a beautiful spring like afternoon in san francisco.  our random weather is still confusing but i’ve stopped complaining about it.

i went to the store to grab some provisions, got home, started the laundry (before this challenge i was doing laundry 2x a month if even.  i hate this weekly business) and hopped in the shower before cleaning up the kitchen so i could make dinner for the dr. who had gone to the east bay to handle some mom stuff.  i’ve felt bad lately as i see the dishes pile up and my sweaty yoga stuffs draped over every surface to dry.  i’ve got 2 spray bottles of a tea tree oil/water/lavender mixture that i keep on each end of the house to spray down my mat and towels and yoga shorts that have seen better days.  i feel like a college student again with the mess and the tired and the lack of time to have an orderly home which is something i’m good at usually.  there are mornings where i smell the crotches of my yoga shorts and grab the least smelliest one.  the challenge has me surrendering my need for a clean house for sleep and rest.

the two things i will not miss after my last 3 classes of the challenge are done?  laundry and limping.

day 26: amy, 8:15 AM

day 27: lucas miles, 12PM

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