30 day bikram challenge, day 24 & day 25 – the end is near

days 24 and 25 started with monika and ended with monika who has fast become one of my favorite teachers (right up there with miss julia).

Thursday evening class was just ok.  i still felt stiff and sore in all sorts of new places and i sat out and fell out of some of the standing series.  i’ve been falling out of tuladandasana a lot this week.

after a super drippy hot class i asked monika what to do about the soreness as i close in on 30 days and everything hurts.  her answer?  bodywork.  the CMT in me should have known.  i know i’ve been getting structural sessions but they’re not necessarily a walk in the park and not your lovely sweedish relaxing massage.

i stumbled home and draped my wet things on dry things to dry.  when i checked this morning my towel from last night was still soaked through.  i don’t know if it’s me or if classes are just getting hotter.  i’m a sopping wet mess during spine twisting at the end.

i’m down yoga mat towels so i brought a beach towel this morning and fitfully forgot a hand towel so i used my tank top as my face mop.

this morning i fell out of tuladandasana both sets both sides.  i also crapped out early on standing bow.  my hips and legs feel better since my disastrous wed night class but it’s slow going. i’m going to keep plodding along.

i left after camel so i could make it to work early to get some stuff done before my conference call.

now the stiffness and soreness sets in again.  after my call i got up to get some coffee and i think i limped sadly to the kitchen as i refrained from groaning audibly with each step.

tomorrow is an uber yoga day.  8AM class and 12PM-4PM workshop.  i’m still wondering what to snack on between the two events so i don’t pass out.

day 24: monika, 6:30 PM

day 25: monika, 6:15 AM

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