30 day bikram challenge, day 21 & 22

Imagei wonder if people are falling out of it.

maggie’s 6:30PM class last night wasn’t as crowded as usual and this morning’s 6:15PM with monika was also missing some people i usually see.

or everyone was just celebrating the Giants moving on to the world series.


that’s the extent of my baseball excitement. i’m just too sniffly and tired to get any more excited than that.  also, i know very very little about baseball so i can’t get caught up in it.

the rains started and every time i hear it start to pour outside i get giddy.  i’ve always loved this time of the year.  well, now that i have appropriate footwear and a rain coat i’m all over this weather now that i will no longer have swamp foot.

last night’s class was decent.  i did not want to be there and i had never had maggie as a teacher before and was missing miss julia who usually teaches monday night but she’s down in LA this week to help out with the current bikram teacher training going on.  despite feeling like checking out and being cranky about class i pushed through and managed to not sit anything out.  i’m still having issues with standing bow on my right leg and by the time we get to tree pose and toe stand my feet, especially my left arch, are killing me.  i’ve got a structural session with karen tonight so hopefully we can talk about it.  my left hip is still sticky and i feel it especially in tuladandasana and standing separate leg stretching. i have no idea why my hip rotators are holding and what can i do to release it. i know massage therapists do not fix anything but i so want to run crying to karen asking her to fix it, fix it, put your elbow in there and fix it because it hurts and i think it’s wrecking havoc on everything else below it (left knee, left foot, left arch!).

this morning’s class with monika went well with the exception of having to leave class after camel to make it to work a bit early since i need to leave early for my karen appointment.  monika’s enthusiasm at 6AM is infectious.  i walked in like a zombie and left feeling like a badass.

8 more classes?  it doesn’t feel real.

day 21: maggie, 6:30PM

day 22: monika, 6:15 AM


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