30 day bikram challenge, day 14: the truth ain’t pretty

In India there is a saying: ‘the truth is the most bitter thing in the world.’ From our birth we listen to lies so that we can be happy.

Later, we learn the truth and hate each other because life isn’t the way we thought it would be – 

We go to yoga to learn the truth.” 

~Bikram Choudhury

the truth is i may never get my butt to the ground in fixed firm. my knees may never magically let me do this. my left hip may always be wonky and i may never be able to get my head to my knees in rabbit. i may never be a size 6 and despite all my efforts i may never be a superstar triathalete.

but i will always keep trying and i will always be grabbing back for my ankle every time i fall out of standing bow because as long as i’m breathing, i can always try again.

the alarm went off this morning and i stumbled out of bed. literally. soreness had finally set in after my double yesterday. my legs were wobbly and this morning was the first time i really felt my shoulders ache. at this point in the week all my yoga clothes were basically dirty. i found the least smelliest towel, tank top and skirt and made my way to class feeling bruised and beaten. i made it though like i had no choice. go to yoga or die. if i think of it in these terms, i will get to the studio hell or high water.

and sometimes that sentiment feels closer to the truth than i’m comfortable with. i’ve spent a very long chunk of my lifetime not taking care of my body. i feel like i’m behind. i need to undo years of smoking and eating pizza hut. i need to make up time. i’m fighting genetics. i’m fighting my native culture’s love of pork products and fried rice. i’m fighting the possibility of all sorts of health problems that have become so commonplace in the US.  type 2 diabetes.  heart disease.  i want to be as mobile and active as i am now when i’m 70.

i want to be 80 and still struggling with fixed firm. i want to be 100 and still cursing when the teacher says salabhasana.

my elbows are getting better at salabhasana so maybe by the time i’m 100 my pinky fingers and elbows will be touching.

day 14: sarah 8:15AM
mantra: one week down, a lifetime to go.


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