30 day bikram challenge: days 11,12 &13, or how do you count a double?

something happened thursday where i felt everything in my body just give up on me. sometime around 3PM i couldn’t stop yawning and couldn’t keep my eyes open. some things kept me later at work than normal and i decided to go home and not go to yoga at 6:30. a part of me thought about the 8PM class but the thought was short lived as i could barely make it up the stairs of my own home. the weather had also taken a drastic turn and it officially felt like a fall evening. misting rain, dark grey skies. all signs pointing towards hibernation.

so i skipped class knowing i’d just make up for it later.

i made it to Matthew’s class Friday night and class went well. my feet were still having issues, especially my left arch, during the standing series. i thought about doing my double saturday or sunday, was pretty sure i was going to do it sunday until i spoke to a new friend i made at the studio who is 5 classes behind on the challenge and we agreed to motivate each other and i decided on saturday and i’d see her bright and early at the 8:15 AM class.

she never showed but it was fine. my 8:15AM class was strong. my standing bow is getting so much more better but i just need to work on being to hold it longer. my left hip is still wonky in all poses but after my structural massage session with karen she started working on the hip and noted a huge trigger point in my left hip rotators. not surprising. my structural massage sessions with karen (who i just found out also goes to my bikram studio so we could talk about my issues in relation to poses) along with this challenge is helping me grow so much. breaking holding patterns. unlearning bad habits. really taking care of myself. after second set of camel i found myself super focused. i finished the first class strong, took a mini savasana, left the room to pee, sipped some coconut water and hung out in the lobby until the last minute before class 2.

10AM class was twice as crowded. ugh.

i had brought a change of clothes just in case i felt like i needed it but decided not to change. why get another set of shorts and tank wet? i was right back into it with pranayama and only started to lose it during standing bow. i sat out second set of standing bow and second set of camel in class 2 but made it through everything else. i was definitely more flexible and was amazed at how far i went in half moon and floor bow, sticky left hip and all.

i was surprised at how great i felt after class let out.

i ran into my friend Andrea from massage school in the class and we sat and talked in the lobby in our sweaty rags playing catch up while trying to bring our body temperatures back down to normal.

when i got home and drpaed all wet clothing and towels over various pieces of furniture it hit me that i had survived 3 hours in the hotbox without making it into an ordeal! i did it! i think NOT thinking it into a pulp really helped. going into it like any other normal class works. i pushed myself but didn’t kill myself. i ignored the voice that tried to get me to sit out of more poses i knew i could do. i’m glad i had the foresight to make a peanut butter and honey sandwich and brought it with me for after class. i’m glad i freeze my water bottles 1/2 full prior to class because at the end of class 2 my metal bottle was hot to the touch.  i brought a pair of flowy pants and an oversized tank to change into after class so i could walk home without feeling or looking too much like a drowned cat.

needless to say, the shower was heavenly and i definitely see a nap in my near future.

day 11:friday, matthew,6:30PM
day 12: saturday, julia 8:15AM
day 13: saturday, matthew 10AM
poses accomplished today: 104 out of 106

new discovery: I HAVE TRICEP MUSCLES!


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