30 day bikram challenge, day 9: in which i high five myself

someone really needs to high five me for the work i did in class today.
i don’t know what i did to make this evening class so successful where all my other evening classes have been a struggle. it was the most crowded class i have been to these 9 days. it was hot. the air was heavy. i wasn’t near a door or a window. i didn’t sit out a single pose.

my stomach was fine and without having to worry about gastrointestinal distress i was able to really focus on the poses.

foot coming up above my head in standing bow. check.

leg parallel to the floor in tuladandasana? check.

am i going to sit out second set of trikanasana? no i am not.

i did feel my determination come and go during class. the part of my brain that is lazy tried to talk me into rewarding myself for doing so well by sitting out poses but i managed to honestly ask myself if i needed to listen to that voice or not? no. not tonight.

i was almost skipping home i felt so great.

i am also realizing that i’m getting waaaay too comfortable traipsing around the mission in my hotpants. i stood on the corner of valencia and 20th waiting for the light to change and noticed 2 unassuming mexican dudes checking me out.

whatever. if they were closer they would realize i smelled like hot garbage and have left me be.

i’ve got class again in 9 hours. hitting my first weekday morning class at 6:15AM since i have an appointment at 6PM tomorrow evening. i guess i better hydrate and get to bed.

day 9: monika 6:30 PM
tip: some days are better than others. and those days that are, are amazing.


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