30 day bikram challenge, day 8: in which i phone it in

almost completely.

i knew from the moment i got to class that i was in no mood to be there. when i got off the bart train i thought briefly about skipping and just doing a double the next day but i made my way down mission street and just kept telling myself this was for my own good.

my stomach was gurgling after the first set of pranayama. by half moon i was sure that things were moving inside.

it’s the start stop start stop of guts squishing around and telling you that there may have been something wrong with your salad.

the sprouts didn’t smell but they did look a little wet. and garbanzos, those are beans, right? didn’t i tell myself no beans for lunch? even the measly handful i threw into my salad? what is making my intestines hate me right now?

i struggled for the rest of the standing series. i ran out of the room after eagle to go to the bathroom to see if that would alleviate any pressure and it did to a certain extent but my insides were still bubbling and speaking in tongues.  i sat out second set of standing bow and second set of standing separate leg forehead to knee.  i ran out a second time to go to the bathroom again during the second set of fixed firm.  i crapped out on grabbing my heels in camel.

i struggled and made my way to the end of class but i did feel like i phoned it in on some of the poses because i did not want to anger the gods ruling my gut lest something really really really bad happens.

when i left the room the second time julia asked me if i was ok.  i said i was but i wasn’t 100% sure.

everything just felt off and no matter how hard i tried i could not get my brain in the right space.  i felt all over the map and no amount of cajoling could reign it in.  i stumbled home feeling woozy, out of it, exhausted and ready to just give up.

showering and some simple dinner helped.

and now i continue my search to figure out what i can and cannot eat before class.  salads i struggle with as they don’t keep me satiated enough to make it through the day and class and i struggle with proteins that won’t make me gassy.  being veg it’s usually beans or tofu but both have been failing me lately.  back to the drawing board.

day 8: julia 6:30 PM

puke-o-meter: 9-10, that’s pretty awful.

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