30 day bikram challenge, day 7: community

second morning class and i felt even more stronger today. outside of not sitting anything out i managed to hold standing bow longer than i have all week and saw my toes come up over my head wich makes me feel like i’m close to getting my body parallel to the floor.

artwork by Dorey Kronick, http://doreykronick.blogspot.com/

i was breathing rather hard when i came out of the pose and started to stress out about tulandandasana which is also a heart racer but did everything i could to stop thinking ahead.

class was more crowded than i had anticipated. i got there early, was the second person in the room, laid on my mat and towel and put my hand towel over my face to block the sun. the room was barely warm it was so early. i ended up falling asleep and not waking up until the teacher said good morning and i jumped up and found myself surrounded wondering where everyone had come from.

class was great and it was over before i knew it. i laid in savasana afterwards listening to the lobby conversations as the door opened and closed. i talked to some of the regulars i see at the studio in the locker room about how the morning classes are more crowded now that the 30 day challenge has started and is in full swing. during class i spotted one of the owners, steve23, in the front row. i’ve seen several of the other teachers in other classes this week as well. there is something about the community at my studio that i love. everyone is genuinely invested in their practice and the community here is very earnest, nice and giving. i’ve been to uber crowded vinyasa classes at yoga tree valencia and while i love the yin and vinyasa classes i’ve taken there, sometimes i get such a weird vibe from the other students in the room. people seem to have an attachment to their space and i’ve felt some disdain coming from other students when they have to move to accomodate late people to make room. in class this morning there were several waves of late people today and people moved and shifted to make room, me included, giving up my mirrored column to fit a girl in to the back row. no fuss, no drama. back to breathing in a heartbeat.

the cheery front desk

bikram yoga in the mission is my second home this month and i’m really glad that the community that practices there doesn’t have the kind of hangups i’ve experienced at other studios.

it’s become my after class ritual to grab a coconut water, thank the teacher at the front desk and get my sticker for the board which is oddly important to me. the studio keeps track of your 30 days by their online sign in system. i keep track by my stickers. some sort of strange unfulfilled childhood need to have a million gold stars next to my name. i don’t know what it is really but it’s satisfying.

i’m wondering how tomorrow night’s class will feel after 2 really strong morning classes. will i melt into a puddle of goo again? will i be sitting out second sets again trying to survive the heat? or will i finally be ok with it rock the class like i did today? i guess we’ll find out. 1 week down, 3 more weeks to go!

day 7: sarah 8:15AM
mantra: it only gets beter. and then worse. and then better again. 


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