30 day bikram challenge, day 6: laundry day

day 6: laundry day

my laundry bag smelled like…

something a human should never smell.

this morning’s class was a relief from the uber hot crowded evening classes. it was a decent crowd but not body to body and the room was hot but not overbearing. I felt good and strong and managed to make it through my first class this challenge without sitting out a pose. my feet were still giving me issues in the standing series. i paid close attention and they weren’t gripping so that wasn’t the issue but my arches were collapsing and I think that in conjunction with tight tibialis anterior and tight lower leg extensors. I also feel like those tight muscles are preventing me from getting up on my toes for the second and third part of awkward pose.

when we got to half tortoise i realized i had not sat out any poses and really worked at getting into each one with intention and curiosity. i went slow and made micro movements to adjust posture so i wouldn’t fall out of standing bow or tuladanasana. by the time we got to camel i thought, ‘why not?’ and reached back for my heels, found them and held on for dear life as i pushed my hips forward.

of course, this picture is not me

i hadn’t been able to do camel all week.

needless to say i felt like a badass after class.

the dr. and i went to get french toast at herbivore and i enjoyed my sugary breakfast wholeheartedly and then came home to do some work and do the dreaded laundry.

i came up with a system to use each thing twice before throwing it in the laundry. when i get home from class i unroll my mat out and hang my towels, shorts and tank tops out and spray everything down with a mixture i make of water, tea tree oil and lavender oil. i worry that our foyer is going to start smelling like my wet towels.

i feel great about my progress today. remove some of the heat and i can manage to really get into the work. but julia said something i loved in class today that rang true for me and everything i’ve been thinking about lately.

“you don’t come here to do something you can do already. you don’t wake up at 7:30AM on a saturday to come here and do something you know how to do. you do the thing that doesn’t make sense, the thing that hurts, the thing that’s uncomfortable and you work at it. you do the best you can but you do it because that’s where real growth, real change comes from.”

i love that lady. i can’t wait to see her for monday night’s class.

day 6: julia, 8:15AM
epiphany: i can do it

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