30 day bikram challenge, day 2: why am i doing this again? what am i doing?

day 2: why am i doing this again?  what am i doing?

these are the 26 poses that make up the bikram beginner series. you do each pose twice. the room is 105 degrees, 40% humidity. it’s recommended to stay in the room and take a knee if you feel out of it during the standing series or take savasana during the floor series. we also refrain from drinking water until eagle pose. the teacher will say “It’s party time, drink some water!” you will most definitely think to yourself, “I don’t know if this is my kind of party.”

in my experience pose 6 and 7 and 22 make my heart race. 22 makes me pukey and dizzy. 17 makes my right arm feel like it’s going to break at the elbow.

this is what i’m doing. 28 more days!

exciting, right?

last night was definitely a lot hotter than monday which i thought was pretty impressive as i did not think anything could be as hot as monday night. i saw some familiar faces from the day before which was comforting. at least i’m not the only one doing this.

we lost several people during class. they flat out left. others were in and out of the room for more water or to just take a breather in the lobby.

it was pretty brutal. my body kept searching for a breeze or some sort of cooling relief after stepping out of the hot box and there was nothing. i walked outside and there was absolutely no wind. i began to question if this was really san francisco.

i walked home again in my soaking wet tank top and hot pants.

despite the inability to bring my body temp down and the fact that i smelled like  hot trash, i seemed to be in pretty good spirits.



i’m figuring i need to not eat after 3PM if i’m going to a 6:30 PM class to make sure my belly is happy with me during class and not churning.

i’m also realizing that i need (1) 16 oz bottle of frozen water and (1) 12 oz frozen coconut water to make it through these uber hot evening classes. i don’t drink all of it in class but i brought both bottles into class, drank mostly water until the floor series then switched to coconut water.

at this point i’m feeling like the morning classes i go to on the weekends will be a breeze compared to this.

2 gold stars for me!

day 2: Juciy, 6:30 PM

puke-o-meter: 2-3, yay!


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