30 day bikram challenge, day 1: recap – juicy

Imagei picked the hottest day of the year to walk into a 105 degree 40% humidity room.

well. that’s what it is on a normal day.

when it’s 90 outside, the hot box feels a lot more suffocating.

sweet jesus.

before class i laid in the back and gazed upon the wall of awesomeness and thought about how i would write out my name on the wall on day 30.  then class started and i realized that i was already dripping sweat and all we were doing was breathing.

i did all the postures though i did sit out second set of some (standing bow, triangle and camel) wavering between pass out and upchuck. my stomach wasn’t happy in any of the compression postures.  i don’t know why as i made sure i didn’t eat anything after 3PM to give me lots of time prior to class to digest.

there were audible groans in camel and people were in and out of the room for more water.  i thought about stepping out as well but managed to stay in the room.

a dude in class actually exclaimed during a savasana, “IT’S HOT” which was met with many giggles and the teacher replying, “I KNOW, RIGHT?!” 

at the end of class after kapalbhati breathing the gal next to me smiled and congratulated me.

“this was a juicy one.”

i hobbled home in my hotpants and dripping tank top.  it’s always too crowded to really figure out clothing and how to put it on in the locker room so i’m glad it’s a short walk home.  the air outside felt amazing.  it wasn’t cool per se but it wasn’t stifling.  i got home and found the dr. in a dark apartment playing civ.  he had been keeping all the lights off and avoiding making dinner until the last minute to keep the house as cool as possible.  i took a cold shower and had ramen for dinner.  not necessarily the breakfast of champions but i needed quick and easy.

an hour and a half has passed and i feel the soreness in my calves, quads and hips set in.

man, i can’t wait to not feel so broken all the time because if it’s going to stay this hot in the city i can’t take my daily epsom salt bath.

i predict more hobbling tomorrow.


1 Response to “30 day bikram challenge, day 1: recap – juicy”

  1. 1 Alicia October 2, 2012 at 4:02 pm

    Your name will be on that wall. I know you. You’ll make it.

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