30 Day Bikram Challenge – Day 1

30 Days of Bikram.  In 2011 I did 31 days of Vinyasa and lived.  Bikram is a whole different story.  Excited about it all but I’ve been fighting off a cold and sore throat so I’m a bit worried I’ll be thrown into illness before I’ve even started.

I went through my closet and took stock of all my bikram stuff to see if i had enough to make it 6 days without doing laundry as with work i wouldn’t be able to do laundry until saturday or sunday. I figured if I wear everything twice I’d be good.  the only think i’m worried i’ll be short on is towels so i did what i didn’t really want to do and bought a new yoga mat towel and then a regular microfiber bath towel from the lovely folks at yogarat as they’re cheaper than yogitoes and i’m not 100% in love with the towels I have.  I didn’t want to buy new things for the sake of getting new stuff to do this challenge.  My brain gets wrapped up in thinking i need new things when i really don’t.

i will admit i needed to talk myself out of getting a hello kitty beach towel and calling it a day.  i’ve never felt comfortable on beach towels in class and they would slip all over the mat and need a lot of adjusting during the floor series.

tonight’s class is at 6:30PM with Julia.  I wonder how the lil’ mama is coming along as i skipped yoga saturday morning to rest up and try and get better before the week started.  i’m also wondering how pukey i’ll be since the last evening class i went to i wanted to die.

we shall see.  i’ll keep everyone posted!

day 1 – Julia 6:30 PM

puke-o-meter – TBD

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