when your company party is on a saturday the weekend feels shorter than normal which makes for a cranky monday morning.

but i got up before my alarm, packed my bag for tonight’s skill share at school and made my way to work through the cold and fog of sf summer.

the highlight of the summer party was the drunken love ramble from the higher ups in my company.  margaritas be damned, i know they were honest.  i am truly appreciated here.

the lowlight of the summer party was the party bus complete with stripper pole and gangster rap.  why does this happen and how is this supposed to be fun at 11AM on a weekend?

after the party the dr. and i had dinner at our favorite thai place in the castro and i thanked im profusely for putting up with the party bus and the one girl who we all thought was going to hurl but thank god didn’t.

sunday i dragged my ass to 8AM bikram and made my way through class seamlessly.  for some reason the afternoon classes make me puke but the morning classes i can do without sitting out a pose.  

afterwards i had a leisurely breakfast at radish, this adorable cafe/restaurant on 19th between mission and valencia.  i had gone there once before and have now deemed this place my kinda place.  i love sitting at the bar, making a breakfast out of side dishes and reading the kindle.  the staff is friendly and awesome and they have almond milk for my coffee.  what more can i ask for?


i showered at home and met up with sadia for tacos at papalote and wandering noe valley.  she had work out gear she needed from see jane run so i perused the racks and the moment i fell in love with a short nike skort that had tulle and was a little tutu-like i went to the back to the shoes and ignored my skort lust. i hate it when i see something and imagine itself on me and need to convince myself i don’t need it because i’m trying to save up cash for surgery.


but…but, i could wear a tutu to bikram!

and it’s sooo soooo cute!

and i’m doing a 30 day challenge in 2 weeks!  and i need new bikram clothes!  and new towels! and a new mat carrier!  and…and…and…


i’ve been working on this problem i have.

i do not need anything special to do this bikram challenge.  

i have everything i need.  

we all have plenty and usually don’t need all these things we think we need to do this thing, whatever the thing might be.

i let myself forget about the skirt.

sadia asked me to hold a bag of hers outside of the store as she adjusted things in her backpack and then told me the bag was mine.

she had bought me the skirt.

as she checked out and put some things in her backpack and other things in a shopping bag they gave her i got confused as she had 2 shopping bags and she managed to slyly slip the skirt into the pile of running shoes, socks and workout clothes she had at checkout.

i’m learning to graciously accept gifts from friends and managed to thank her and hug her without crying.

we meandered and walked into stores and it reminded me of my sunday jaunt with shanee where we wandered and talked and just had downtime with each other which i love.  girly downtime.  i feel like i have just the right amount of it in my life.

she kept me sane in whole foods where i found myself wanting to punch through the crowds or abandon my basket and walk out.  we walked back to my place and hung out with the dr. 

the dr. and i met up with heather for dinner at cha ya and talked about her trip to europe, the # of people we’ve been in relationships with and high school ridiculousness.

i passed out relatively early last night and i’m glad i did.

otherwise this morning would have been a train wreck.

tonight i’ve got a dentist appointment and a school skill share with kalash.  i’m excited for even more girly downtime with my glitter dragon wig queen. 

life is good.  i can’t complain.

i mean, seriously.  WORKOUT SKORT TUTU.




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