when i get caught up in my own miasma of misery, self-pity and woe it’s really difficult to stop the train of despair. you know you sorta find yourself on it and you don’t quite know how but all of a sudden you’re hurling 100 mph into a dark cave of awfulness.

the only thing that pulls me out of it are the memories of little things that are good. my response time is faster. i recognize the dark cloud coming and start the process of filling my head with the things that make me happy.

-really good veggie pad see ew
-smelling dinner cooking when i come home late from yoga
-the dr.
-lazy days in the poof chair
-tiny internet (mindlessness on the iphone)
-brunch with friends
-780 cafe now carrying stumptown coffee
-the look on shanee’s face when i took her to the scarlet sage for the first time
-the worn in lounge chair at borderland books cafe
-old friends coming to visit
-the glow of yin yoga
-my bwt classmates
-vegan buffalo wings
-sweater weather and hot chai from the chai cart
-a satisfying day at clinic
-vietnamese lunch alone with the kindle
-the bison patch at GGP
-my nephew
-valencia street
-the vegan chocolate mint cookie at Arizmendi


the list can go on.  it’s getting easier and easier to identify these good things which help ease me out of the badness and into the goodness.

nothing is happily ever after perfect.

if it was life would be boring. weathering the not so great times is getting easier to do the older i get. i’m less dramatic and for that i am grateful.

i will reiterate, i’m really digging this getting old thing.


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