i don’t think we eat bad. being vegan for a couple of years now i know my cholesterol is decent and i’m fairly active despite having a desk job but somehow…

it doesn’t feel like enough.

not for my body anyhow.

sugar creeps its way into my diet in many forms and it’s the enemy of my people. my family is riddled with diabetics.

today start’s day 1 of going low carb vegan. i did the low carb thing a couple of years ago prior to going vegan and while it was tough i had eggs, cheese and meat to fall back on which were all very filling and less than 1 net carb for the most part. stripped of those easy options it’s time to get creative. the dr. did some online research and we’ve got to put together a grocery list. i do not want to rely on tofu so much so the plan is to put together a list of stuff we can eat and meal plan from that point forward.

i’m also giving up caffeine this week.

honestly, that’s the one thing i’m worried about. i don’t drink coffee all the time but i do have at the most one cup in the morning monday through friday. for some reason, this is the one thing i’m really frightened will backfire. i guess it’s because i never know how tired i’ll be in the morning.

this means i need to get to bed at reasonable hours.

as much as this is about food it’s also about all these other things that need to change so my body can function at its optimal range.

work. i’m ready to do the work.

i had been thinking about all of this for awhile but had no motivation to do so until this weekend. i reached back and grabbed my ankles in camel at bikram saturday morning and got that sick dizzy feeling that threw me off guard. i hadn’t felt like that in camel in a long time. i felt my left psoas clutch and want to contract. i didn’t let it. i went to dina’s yin yoga workshop sunday and after three hours of really living in my body and feeling how uncomfortable parts of it were it made me think. after watching a documentary of the human life cycle i’m realizing i’m in the phase where the body starts to change and breakdown. if i can make this easier, if i can really take care of myself to ensure i’m a prancing dancing 80 year old who can still do standing bow pulling pose than i need to start doing all of this now.

wish me luck!


2 Responses to “food”

  1. 2 Uncle Rory August 6, 2012 at 7:47 pm

    Im wishing you luck but am also curious–what are you doing for your vegan low carb? I cant figure out what to put in and so i have been doing carbs which is killing me… I guess I want to know the grocery list

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