happy birthday to me

my bday present to myself is 7/22 – 3 hours of yin yoga.

i couldn’t be happier.

this makes realizing my favorite dish at my favorite indian restaurant isn’t vegan ok.

running at the gym i shamefully blasted two door cinema club and booked it until i was out of breath and crampy. then i walked until i felt normal again. then booked it like i was being chased by something with sharp teeth. this is how it goes. running on concrete i take it pretty easy and follow the couch-to-5k routine since that’s what makes my shins and right calf scream at me. the treadmill is much more forgiving so i take more liberties and go for broke. i couldn’t help but get distracted by the random bravo show that was on the television in front of me and got more and more annoyed the more i couldn’t look away. something about multi-million dollar real estate deals in new york. all the dudes looked like douchebags melting in the new york summer sun in their expensive suits. ugh.

not that i have anything against multi-million dollar real estate. it’s just the people…

it always goes back to the people.

i effort to become a more open and loving being as i age and i find i get more and more crumudgeonly.

yes i had to google how to spell that.

next week i’m 36. i keep forgetting how old i am.

i wonder if this will ever change or if i will always think i’m 2-3 years younger or older than i really am. when people ask it’s usually my best guess.


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