Tonight is the last night of the BWT Program and it ends with mixed emotions.

I’m really ready for classes to be over so I can get back to a regular routine that replaces class and homework with yoga/gym and an earlier bedtime.

I’m striving to get back to a place where I’m more motivated to cook as opposed to seeing how many times the dr. will let me order indian food for delivery.

I’ve got a ton more clinic days to work but I’m in no rush. I’ll most likely be completed my 40 clinic hours sometime in September. This will keep me connected to this work so I don’t slack.

I’ve got a boatload of things to look forward to, especially a trip to Austin in November for a wedding and hopefully seeing Miranda & Greg. I’m oddly excited for this wedding since I don’t know the couple very well but I think it’s the idea of getting back out into nature for a period of time. Cutting Yosemite short due to sickness was the best thing for us to do but I find myself wanting to be somewhere surrounded by trees and sky and good people and campfires.

I pulled out all the stops this weekend and made it through the advanced neck workshop and managed to write both papers due today for class. AND i managed to make brownies for tonight’s potluck. i’m pretty sure I was fueled by mocha almond fudge ice cream and this helped get me through the homework, especially the 7 page make up assignment I needed to do. When i finished it last night i was quite surprised it wasn’t midnight yet so, of course i took this opportunity to start Book 4 of A Song of Ice and Fire.

Yeah, priorities.

In other news Pandora somehow thinks Franz Ferdinand is still relevant.

Bad, bad Pandora.


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