after two evenings in a row without having something booked or planned i feel almost normal.  or whatever tenuous grasp i have on what is ‘normal’ for me these days.

the dr. is home.  i get home while it’s still light out.  he meets me at the top of the stairs and takes my backpack for me.  depending on how i feel i take a hot bath and read or listen to podcasts.  i pick up the clothes on the floor of my closet.  we make dinner.  no big whoop. i fall asleep on the couch sometime around 10PMish.  sometimes earlier.

we look at tiny internet in bed  before i pass out.

it’s been two days of this and i’ve never felt better.  the combination of free hips and more sleep i’m feeling less tragic these days.  i picked up the first game of thrones book and have put away the technical non-fiction for awhile and i think this too has contributed to less brain strain.  i realized that there was close to nothing i’ve been doing lately for recreation.  filling out some extensive detailed paperwork monday moring at dr. eric’s i realized how little i do that’s just simply for the pleasure of doing it. i currently have close to no real hobbies removed from school, anatomy,yoga or fitness.  and work.  work is always going to be work.

this is the perfect time to pick up an epic book in an epic series of books and get lost.  i don’t remember the last piece of fiction i’ve read that i could get lost in.

i moved most of my text books off of my desk and into the bookcase the dr. moved into the living room so i don’t have to stare at them everyday.  i’ve started up on my quest to listen to the entire catalog of ‘this american life’ podcasts  going back to 1995.  this will come in handy for this weekend as i recover from wisdom tooth removal this friday.

if anyone needs me i’ll be in bed…with ira glass and george r.r. martin.

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