there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
this weekend was school, school, clinic and homework.
and sunday afternoon after burrito consuming and thrift store shopping with heather i came home and promptly passed out on the couch. when i woke up from my nap the general malaise of an oncoming illness came over me and basically smothered any hope of doing laundry.

called in sick today. it was the only thing i could do. i made a magical vat of soup that ended up being my most favorite vat of soup i’ve ever made. started with a basic mirepoix in olive oil, garlic, cayenne pepper w/ seeds left in, mushrooms, broccoli, cheddar cauliflower, cannellini beans, farfalle pasta, peas. i ate 2 bowls, worked on my referral list, reviewed lower body anatomy in relation to yoga poses (ray long is my hero) and fell asleep while it rained outside. the dr. was sweet enough to do my laundry for me. i am forever grateful for every little (and large) thing he does for me.

“i don’t know why you like me,” i said in the kitchen after inviting myself to sit on his lap while he solved his rubix cube for the upteenth time today.
“i don’t know why you like me,” he responded.
“because you’re nice and because you’re good looking,” i answered.
“that’s why i like you too,” he said and continued to spin the cube’s sections faster than i could imagine.

i failed to mention that i also like him because even though i’m a good 20 lbs heavier than him he lets me sit on his lap anyway.

2 more weeks of school, no more saturday classes just sunday clinics, one anatomy test, one fundamentals class of my choice and i’ll be done.

until next year.

finding out saturday that the organization of the bodywork therapist program (which is basically level 3) is changing next year to be Mon & Wed nights along with one weekend a month for 6 months changes what i may do next year. level 3 would include 40 hours of deep tissue, the cranial sacral workshop i’m missing because malcolm will be in town, the ortho bionomy workshop i want to take early november as well as all the anatomy classes and stretching and joint mobilization.

this would put me at 500 hours by April next year.

the idea that some of my classmates from level 2 will be taking it as well is incentive to do this now and not wait because i like having classes with these people and i’ll miss them when this is over in 2 weeks.

but i should stick to the plan and not make any plans until the end of level 2.

me and my stupid plans.

fyi, i caved and bought my 2012 planner online already. i couldn’t hold back any longer.

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