it’s officially here.  it’s dark out, it’s raining, it’s soup weather, it’s boot weather and it’s wear things with hoods weather.

i’m loving it.

it’s also a time when i sorta slow down.  after last night i decided to put the yoga teacher training idea on the back burner until i’m finished with the advanced program and really think things out then.  i have time.  of course i made this decision and then this morning decided to start making a comparison chart of the 4 different programs/schools i’m looking at.

we are a meticulous type of person, us chart making people.

this is why i love graph paper.

after putting down as much info as i could find on all the programs one ruled themselves out almost instantly and one unexpected one popped out as the current front runner when i thought they were at the back of the pack.

excuse me people, this will be boring as i go through this exercise to put my brain at ease.

yoga garden – ruled out – it’s the only program with classes both tuesdays and fridays AND weekends.

yoga mayu – still thinking about it – mid session break, january – april, friday nights and weekends (1/2 days on sundays), payment plan, mentorship, required reading and class observations.

yoga tree – still thinking about it – 6 months – february- july, friday nights and weekends, payment plan, mentorship, 6 hours of class practice a week.

yoga loft – sudden front runner – 6 months – no date  yet set for 2012 training   (2011 training started  in sept) – sat and sudays every OTHER weekend with specialty modules added  (prenatal, business, bhagavad gita study, corporate & private teaching, chanting) as well as weekend retreat with the class and instructors outside of the city.   outside studio study, practice and homework.  payment plan (more expensive and challenging).

now that i’ve got that out of my system –

the loft jumped out as a front runner because of my connection to the studio (first yoga class, love of the space and the teachers) AND the schedule.  while there are no dates set yet for next years program, they have an open house and if it’s starts later in the year…

i think i’ll have time to breathe.

of course my brain translated that last line to “THEN YOU’LL HAVE TIME TO TAKE THE SHIATSU PROGRAM AND GET YOUR 500 CMT HOURS!”

sigh.  my brain will never learn.

thank god i’m learning to listen to my body more these days because my brain is a bizzatch.

wasn’t i not supposed to think about this until the end of October?

i need to step outside, put my hood up and take a mini walk in the rain to grab a seasonal coffee beverage of my choosing.


2 Responses to “fall”

  1. 1 joanna October 6, 2011 at 7:07 pm

    oh, girl, you are SO my sister from another mister.

  2. 2 jen` October 6, 2011 at 8:24 pm

    lists and graphs and charts oh my! i love them so.

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