lists make me feel better. even though i’m not the type to really use them all the time i make them and it eases some sort of peripheral anxiety that’s not quite in your FACE kinda anxiousness but like the fluttering in the back of your throat when you know you’ve got a million things to do and they’re all relatively easy but you need to manage your time correctly.

i feel like time management is sometimes a challenge for me because while i get excited about a project and start off real strong i slack off in the middle and then have to make up for the slack at the very end.

i need deadlines to keep me on track or i’ll never get anything done.

as i close up on 250 hours of training i’m struggling with the “do i take care of myself or do i cram as much in the next couple of months so i’ll meet my deadline of being done by the end of the year?”

After finishing and passing the hands on portion of the fundamentals final this weekend I am left with:

#1 – Finish the advanced class hours – ending oct 20
#2 – Take written final for fundamentals – ??
#3 – Last Body Mechanics Class – Can take this thursday or wait till November to take with Marty
#4 – 10 clinic days (2 are already on the books for 9/25 and 10/2)
#5 – Cranial Sacral Workshop – happening while Malcolm is visiting. Torn between taking it now and missing out on the weekend with malcy or taking it next year.
#6 – Ortho Bionomy Workshop – November

The workshops are optional and will be added hours on top of my 250 I need for CMP certification. They will only put me closer to 500 hours for CMT certification. AND if I take the shiatsu course next year (and thai! which i want to do more than shiatsu) i’ll have more than 500 hours.


my need to be over prepared is a blessing and a curse. it means that i’ve done more than my share to be ready for whatever happens but also means i sacrifice a lot of free time to rest, be with friends and family and take care of myself to get stuff done.

school is awesome and it’s really something that has changed my life and i’m glad i decided to take this route before yoga teaching certification. as i look further down the road at that portion of what i want to do i am trying to see how i can balance things out so i can manage a consistent yoga practice + work + school. my yoga practice has suffered since the advanced program started as i’ve been choosing to study instead of go to yoga these days. jessica and i went to the yoga for hope event in union square this weekend and i was surprised how well i did considering it’s been weeks since i’ve practiced. the body does not forget but i was worried that it wouldn’t be able to sustain some postures. i felt great after class but later on in the evening the soreness started and my arms felt like they were going to fall off. after my final yesterday and discussing my hands, arms and shoulders work that i sometimes fumble with lili ann showed me some arm stuff to do and demoed on me and as she ran her hands down my triceps, biceps, coracobrachialis (this one especially) and brachialis the soreness elevated from a 5 to an 8 on the pain scale. my upper arms were not happy with all that chaturanga i put it through after a month off from a regular yoga practice.

squeezing in everything i want to do has been rather difficult and i’ve been sacrificing sleep and exercise time with the dr. and friends to get stuff done with this random deadline i set to finish this year. when i started the fundamentals back in february i had no idea i was going to take the advanced program though i’m glad i did. i’m closing in on the finish line and i remind myself that my schedule isn’t always going to be crazy like this and it will eventually even itself out.

the question i ponder now is what happens after i cross the finish line?

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