it’s one of my top three skills!

i’m a good sleeper.

if anyone asks the dr. what i’m good at i’m pretty sure the top three things he would say would be sleeping, making soup and being early.

this hasn’t been true lately though.  i don’t know what happened but I haven’t really slept well since last thursday.

i woke up thursday morning with this weird thing.  i would sneeze or cough and that would cause a 3 second stabbing headache.  the sneeze headache was more of a stabbing with a saber.  the cough was more like a stabbing with a butter knife.


this slowly dissipated and was practically gone by Sunday so I was ok enough to go hiking with the kids on Sunday but sometime after we got home Sunday night I felt all the energy drain out of me in my after hike i-hope-i-don’t-have-poison-oak shower.

the dr. commented over dinner that i looked completely wiped out.

i was.

this didn’t translate into sleep though.  i’ve been restless.  i’ve been getting up 4-5 times to pee.  every time i get up i notice i’ve managed to dump all the covers onto the floor on my side of the bed.  i feel awful.  i hate flailers.  and now i’m a flailer.  i flail in bed.  limbs and all.  i’m surprised i haven’t shoved the dr. off the bed or given him a black eye.

i don’t know what’s causing the restless sleep though since i’m beyond exhausted almost everyday.

i’m wondering if my week off of bikram has caused this.  bikram has been known to do weird and horrific things to my body.  i’m having a hard time allocating time for yoga since most of my evenings are taken up by class and such.  the only answer would be the 6:15AM class which i wouldn’t mind except I’m usually getting ready for work by this time.

time.  there still isn’t enough of it.  there never will be so it’s best to just do the best you can.

so that’s what i’ve been doing but my body has been out of whack and is asking for something but i have no idea what it wants.  i’ve been managing work stress by bringing in perspective every time i feel anxiety over the amount of stuff in front of me.  it’s not perfect and at times i feel myself getting overwhelmed but i’m learning how to stop and just walk away when this happens.  i’ve joined the cheap gym near my office as i’ve said goodbye to the YMCA that i couldn’t quite afford anymore and i’ve managed to go at lunch 3x already and have been enjoying this break in the day.  i’ve been behind in homework but got a chance to play catch up yesterday.  i don’t know what it is my body wants from me.  it can’t take away this much needed prized skill i have.  i am, and always will be known for my napping prowess, especially on moving vehicles so this glitch in the system needs to be fixed.

in other news,  we’re running out of regular show to watch and i’m gonna freak out when that happens.

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