no joke

i used to joke about how pledging prepared me to handle anything.  my last couple of months in boston i worked 2 jobs to save enough money to move to the west coast and averaged 4-5 hours of sleep. i recall managing this pretty well.  it helped that one of the jobs was coffee related.  i would go from Lawyer’s Weekly to the cafe at Borders and make myself 2 iced lattes to chug within the first hour of my shift.

school wasn’t so bad when i started the fundamentals program early this year.  my homework was an anatomy coloring book.

the advanced program is no joke.  there are no crayons this time around.  i’ve got reading and palpations to do. i’m simply too tired to find my olecranon process on myself tonight. i no longer want to poke around my boyfriend’s joints looking for  processes and condyles.  i. just. want. to. sleep.

i don’t know if work has eased up or if i just stopped caring.  in my effort to deal with stress i’ve been stopping working when i feel my heart rate elevate as the pile on my desk gets taller.  every time i finish one thing, someone adds something else to the pile.  this is the nature of office jobs.  there will never be the satisfaction of a completed task list.  the list just gets longer.  it will never be empty.

this is probably the tired & cranky speaking.

so i didn’t get to reading tonight for tomorrow’s class.  i’ve got a 6:30AM alarm and a fluffy bed with my name on it.

in other news, we’re growing mushrooms. it’s quite awesome.


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