this is where i nest.

i took a break from study time at the summit to go to the gym and get some much needed sleep this weekend.  when i look at the laundry list of things that need to get accomplished in one week sleep and food are always lingering in the middle to the bottom.  this is a problem as it just causes all sorts of things to fall apart.

in order to refrain from embodying a Yeats poem i really need to move things around the priority list to keep the center holding.

this means more sleep, lots of snacks and more gym/yoga.

i seem to forget that the program i’m in allows me the time and space to go to class when it’s convenient and not stress about falling behind.  i’m only falling behind if it looks like it’s going to take me more than a year to complete the program and i’m not the type of person to let that happen.

so basically, i need to relax already.

i started to feel better Thursday last week after coming to the conclusion that there is only so much you can do and a lot of things are out of your hands so it’s best to let go, let god, let yourself have a drink or two.

i walked out of golden produce with a gigantor bottle of hard cider but ended up passing out before it could be consumed.  at least i had my priorities straight and figured sleep was much more important that getting drunk.

saturday morning i slept in, went to the gym and then headed back to the dr.’s house for lunch and putzing.  sunday, after losing an hour, we woke up around noon and went to brunch at herbivore before doing some more putzing until art day.  it was a joy to take of my pants, curl up in my nest, read some of miss xTx’s chapbook and fitfully space out while it started to rain.

it feels good to have nothing scheduled for this evening as i let myself off the hook for not forcing myself to make it to skeeter’s class tonight.  there’s possible gym in my future with possible restorative yoga tonight.  or there’s possible pass out at 9PM.  the next three days will be class-tastic.  i’ll have tonight to rest.


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