today started when i accidentally set my alarm for 5AM.  it went off and with the world still pitch black i recognized my mistake and reset my alarm for 7:02AM. 

the sleep between 5:00 AM and 7:02 AM was useless.

i spent the entire time contemplating calling into work with pink eye.

my right eye has been sporting a cloudy kinda red all weekend so it would be feasible except this morning, when i needed it the most, the pain went away.

there was no excuse to call in.  i just wanted to throw a tantrum about work.  i wanted more sleep.  everyone wants more sleep. i am not special.  get on the train, go to work, do your thing, get to the gym,  get some endorphins flowing so you stop being so goddamn cranky and tired and the world will be a better place.

the crank factor hasn’t been awful as i’ve been managing to deal with the hormonal crazies but that does not negate the fact that there are times i hate being a girl. 

several cures for this monthly malady:  cuddles with my sweetheart, epic naps, chocolate, baking, spontaneous crying.

i’ll be fine.  i’ve had very little to say on this blog lately and it’s hard to find the time to write both in my journal and here but i’ll figure something out.  i don’t want this to be useless whining and chronicling.  i want to say something meaningful.  i’m just having a hard time finding the words.

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