i’m trying to have a good attitude about being sick.

i’ve clocked more sleep in the past two days then i have all month it seems. friday afternoon i felt weary and the middle of my face felt funny. the middle of my face is my nose. sinus pressure galore. slowly but surely things started to shut down. i made it through dinner at cha ya and some top chef action before passing out. i woke up briefly saturday morning around 10AM and fell back asleep to only wake up around 4PM wondering what had happened. the dr. left the house to get provisions and i passed out again while he made soup for dinner. i had set up shop in the poof chair, nested my ass smack dab in the middle and left an impression much like a hot dog would make in a bun. at some point i ate soup and we holed up on the couch until i passed out.

sunday i woke up around 11AM to shower and start a load of bread, feeling much more alive though sputtering green things left and right. letting the dough rise i crawled back into bed as the dr. got up to shower. i fell asleep. i woke up at 5:30PM.


it continued though. the dr. left the house for more provisions and after an epic neti pot experience where i saw a whole colony of aliens come out of me i nestled back into the poof, under the blanket, needing more sleep which seemed impossible. the dr. woke me up to convince me i should have some dinner and i sat up and immediately felt tears. they had been on and off all weekend. i felt so lame and grateful. i’m somewhat awful and awkward at being taken care of. i’m used to being on the other end which feels great and rewarding. at first i felt guilty and somewhat of a burden but then i let that go as it was only making me feel worse and ruining the good attitude i was trying to keep about being ill. no one likes being sick. no use in throwing a hissy fit over it.

i made it to work this morning despite my mother telling me it would be best to take a sick day. the dr. got to listen to my mom on the phone tell me to drink lots of fluids, rest and take tylenol cold. repeatedly. the woman is a nurse and tylenol cold was all she could recommend, over and over. she also asked if i was still vegan and blamed my diet for my illness. her concern however did make me feel good and i appreciated her worry. but yeah, i went to work. bad call. around 3 i started to feel feverish and achy. the fever is a new addition to this whole ordeal. i survived the bus ride home, took some ibuprofen and scrounged food for an early dinner. it’s one of the first warm days this summer and laying in bed made me sticky so i looked for food in the distant corners of my cupboard, made something random and in the process scrubbed the stove top, scrubbed out the microwave oven, scrubbed the toilet, the sink, the bathroom, the counters, the table tops…

there is no excuse. i have problems. the microwave smelled like cheese. the toilet had an unpleasant sheen and that’s all it took for me to start cleaning. i’m not completely neurotic about cleanliness but when things start to have an alien glow or smell like dairy products nothing can stop me. just ask me about the time i accidentally made mustard gas to clean the floor of 1114A Fulton St.

finally finishing my rampage, i took off all of my clothes, put on my sleepy dress and hopped into bed. it’s 6:30PM. and yes i’m probably going to sleep clear til tomorrow morning. i’m going to sleep until the sickness is gone.


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