not much to report

other than life feels like it’s back to normal after what felt like 2 months of uncertainty and depression and a whirlwind of birfdays and activities i’m really glad i’ve been able to get some down time at home, watch tv on the laptop, read books, write in my journal and just relax.

it’s taking a herculean effort to get back to the gym but baby steps, yoga last night, gym tonight, yoga tomorrow w/ allegra who i love. i contemplate bikram again. i contemplate quitting the Y and committing to yoga full time. i think about seeing if equinox will cut me a deal for returning. i’m becoming lazy and i hate it but maybe i also need some time off though my belly tells me that’s just some bullshit.

sloan crosley’s new book of essays is making me twitch. i’m not liking it much more then i enjoyed her last one but i’m pushing my way through to the other side. on the otherside is ‘sirens of titan’ which i have high hopes for. i continue reading ‘writing down the bones’ and trying to write, even for 5 minutes, everyday. it feels good to do so.

so yeah, life has calmed down but i love this, i crave this down time when not much is happening. it’s when the best writing comes out of me. unfortunately, it’s not here on the internets.


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