this is going to be boring but it’s good for me to put this shit into words so i can organize my brain:

this week i need to:
-eat more fresh veggies (despite my grocery shopping ban, i can afford $3 worth of chard)
-schedule some alone time in the apartment (ask roommate to give me one night by myself)
-stop myself from stopping myself (just do whatever it is that pops into my brain instead of talking myself out of it)
-not check my work email at home (simple)
-get back into yoga (this is a must)
-spend more time with friends one-on-one (jason, jessica, bronwyn, eric)
-schedule dr’s/dentist appt for next month (finances be damned, I’ll figure out a payment plan)
-schedule a vet appt. for blinky (finances be damned, I’ll figure it out)

After getting some time to wander Saturday morning I had come to the conclusion that I really haven’t been treating myself very well. I had set some pretty high standards for myself and have continued to beat myself up when I don’t meet them. I feel like I’ve been scraping by. Not enough sleep, not enough food (of the non-cliff bar variety), not enough exercise and not enough alone time. It’s not surprising that i’ve been feeling crazy. I spent most of Sunday sleeping. I ate a burrito, drank half a beer and napped. I don’t seem to get enough sleep during the week and I know part of that has to be snowballing the rest of this crazy I’ve been feeling lately.

The upcoming three day weekend is looming ahead like the of light at the end of the stupid proverbial tunnel.


1 Response to “goals”

  1. 1 Nicole July 3, 2010 at 2:16 pm

    Seriously- you know Bronwyn? I swear, she knows everyone in this damn city. Unless we’re talking about two Bronwyn’s here, which would be the first I’ve heard of it.

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