on the other side

i spent all weekend being sick instead of being in the wilderness being sick.  it’s a small miracle camping plans did not pan out.  i would have been a ball of un-fun.

since we ended up staying in the city this holiday there were lots of nice moments where the dr. and i read and sorta just hung out in our own company, in our own skins. i felt relieved that the pms storm passed and i came out on the other side unscathed.  the stress of it all plus all this wacky weather we’ve been having i came down with a head cold but it wasn’t so bad that i couldn’t stroll around the mission looking for art, for food, for dinosaurs.

i found one and climbed on top, leaned over and hugged my purple friend and whispered into his plastic head, “all your friends are dead.”

note to self: awesome dinosaur shirt at otsu with that same saying would be perfect present for hylda.

i stumbled into work this morning in what some people would call pyjamas and a bra and managed to get work done despite hacking up little creatures.  i’m grateful the hacking stopped after lunch.  i don’t know if it was magical avocado roll or what but i felt better.

it’s late but i still want to shower and read and hurry up finishing this Better of McSweeney’s Vol II that is depressing me.  i found a copy of Tom Robbin’s ‘Villa Incognito’ in the street last night as the dr. and i walked home from jason’s house.  the book fell out of my bag in my office this morning and all i caught was one line.

“It has been reported that Tanuki fell from the sky using his scrotum as a parachute.”

i have lots to look forward too.

*photo credit: the dr.


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