this swimsuit has my name on it.

after researching, it’s come down to this. the girls need more than a skimpy mesh shelf bra and quite honestly, i’d like to feel somewhat attractive and not so much like a lumpy blob when i come out of the water. i swam for an hour today, still working on form and breathing. my backstroke sucks it. last week colby yelled at me “go go gadget arms!” to remind me to start moving them instead of keeping them above my head. the moment i start moving them though it’s like i forget everything else i’m supposed to be doing and the inevitable happens. i swallow water. my brain doesn’t like to have to keep everything in check and sort of spasms. sorta like bike riding.

epic bike ride this weekend did have me shitting my pants during some parts but the dr. patiently ignored my distress and kept me moving and let me hop off when I couldn’t make it up hills or would freak out merging into traffic. at one point it started to feel ok and i found myself conversing with him as we rode completely forgetting that there were certain dangers ahead and for a split second i felt normal. no brain spasm.

on the 21 bus home monday night we were emptied out onto hayes & larkin noting that the bus lines had run out of juice and there was no power. i walked home knowing that this bike riding thing is useful for when muni fails me, which it does at least 4-5x a month.

i’ve been eating more these days which i think is good despite the inner evil telling me that i shouldn’t be consuming so much.  whatever.  i’m consuming sugar snap peas, hummus, strawberries, melon, bananas and almonds.  calories can go to hell.  these things make me feel good.  i’ve been reading the china study on the bus and sometimes i have to stop because it makes me think too much about carcinogens which then leads to bad thoughts about how everything you come into contact with could possibly kill you. couple that with muni and it makes you feel sorta like a sitting duck.  this bus or the people on it or the things in the air inside this bus are slowly but surely killing me.

grim thoughts indeed but by the time i get home i’ve forgotten about it already because i’m starving.


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