amazing things happen

“I shouldn’t be this excited for coffee,” I said to Jodie as we stood in line at the Ritual in Flora Grubb Saturday afternoon.

“Of course you should be,”  she replied.  “It’s necessary to live.”
I fear that it’s becoming that way so I police myself on caffeine though there are worst additions to have.  Friends have scoffed when I’ve told them that I’m at 2 cups a day and that makes me uneasy as they’re all 4-5 cups a day veterans. I keep thinking that if I go to bed later I can make it up the next day with extra rations of coffee.  This is not logical and I need to stop the madness but it doesn’t seem to be all that awful…yet.
I move at the speed of light at work though.  It’s amazing.  I accomplish more before noon than most people since I insist on getting to the office at the crack of dawn.  It’s been forever since I’ve been an overacheiver so this feels a bit odd but I sorta like it.  I’m fueled by soy lattes and this driving need to be excellent at what I do.
Man…who AM I?

Lately this has been countered with more comfortable lazy weekends with the dr. which brings such a good balance to everything.  We had an ambitious Saturday morning as we found ourselves awake around 10AM so we made our way to the farmer’s market where we ran into friends, perused fruit and veggies, bought some green things, bought some orange things and bought some soy things before dropping our booty off to head to meet Jodie for a planty adventure at Flora Grubb.
This is where I find out that there is a Ritual Coffee kiosk inside the beautiful nursery.  I really can’t explain how happy this place made me.  Caffeine aside, the space was gorgeous, well laid out with a diverse collection of plants and planters alike.  The dr. amassed an impressive collection of  pretty things and Jodie brought us back home to unload the new additions to the planty family.
We rounded out the evening with some additional veggie shopping at Bi Rite and I attempted a noodle   with sub par noodles.  It ended up working out ok, but I was nervous about the consistency.
Sunday was our first official park day and we laid about with friends in the gay beach for most of the afternoon before going to dinner with Josh and Jeremy which included some loitering over chinese food which is always a plus in my book.  Sometimes sodium coma takes awhile to pass over you before you’re ready to start walking again.
I still resist going home on Sundays since it’s always so nice and cozy to slip into bed with the dearest dr.  I’m adjusting nicely to being in a functional relationship and no longer fearing when things will take a turn for the worst as I’ve got this imbedded in me that it always does.  No more fatalistic view of relationships for me.  While it’s taken some time, I’m doing a lot better with understanding that I’d be sealing my own fate if i kept expecting something to go tragically wrong.  It hasn’t and it’s not logical to think that it will as no signs point to it and the fact that I’ve stopped worrying about means that maybe I’m growing out of bad thought patterns.
Which is quite amazing if you ask me.
ok. no more coffee.  maybe some real food.  and some sunshine.  and a cookie.

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