reset.  flash forward. job in full effect. life moving along at a lovely pace, sometimes a bit jumbly in areas I don’t like but it’s all good.

this morning on the J church we stopped at the entrance to the tunnel and sat for about 10 minutes while the driver waited for muni traffic to clear up.  the 10 minutes was enough for everyone to get on their phones to call in late to wherever they were headed and enough time for a couple of rounds of bejeweled.  my score still sucks no matter how many times i get stuck on the j or in the waiting line for the dressing room at anthropologie on a saturday afternoon.

i bought clothes this weekend.

i know it doesn’t matter that i’m the frumpiest person in the office but sometimes new threads make you feel better.  and it’s not like i set out to buy clothes to fit in. i came back to the dr’s house with cotton shirts and a skirt with pockets.  nothing new. the dr. has more gold lame in his closet than i do. (this is part of why i love him too.)

i’ve managed to wear the same pair of pants for 3 days at the job and no one has noticed and they have yet to smell.  i heart my comfy bamboo pants.  these things have got to be antimicorbial or something.  woven with the fine hairs of a thousand unicorns.

saturday was a lovely day of something i rarely fill my time with.  being girly.  i do that with the same secrecy i watch reality television shows.  i wander stores quietly, i rarely remove my headphones, i try on a couple of things and i slip out the door without much aplomb.  i waited in dressing room lines with lots of groups of girls who seemed to know each other or mother daughter teams.  i was actually quite happy to be alone.  just me, the radio department on shuffle and my inability to break 120,000 on blitz.

i made my way back to the dr.’s house after finding 2 tops and a skirt (and extra comfy underwear) and upon finding that he and jodie were still at the mercy of ikea on a saturday i changed into my new clothes and rolled on down the hill to birite for dinner provisions as i figured at least one of them will be starving when they get back.  i grabed an assortment of things that might go well together.  pasta, artichoke hearts, cherry tomatoes, spring onions, butter beans, dill, spinach, lemon, some radnom alsatian white wine that came in a long slender bottle i found attractive. i ran into the dr. and jodie outside on the street unloading the car full of random bits.  ikea was a madhouse par for the course, and lots of things were either discontinued or backorderd and had to be shipped dashing the dear dr.’s dream of assembling furniture wee into the hours of the night.  i made dinner and we watched old episodes of project runway. i don’t think i’ve ever been with someone who enjoys gays on television as much as i do.

sunday unraveled, lazy morning in bed until we finally decided to trek out for lunch.  while golden era was calling, it didn’t seem as good as i remembered it the first time.  we wandered the loin, made two feeble attempts to find a new hat before hopping on the j home.

i usually pack up to go home on sundays.  lately sundays have been making me sad having to close out a weekend hauling my shit back home on the 33, my brain already preparing for monday and the laundry list of people who will need some sort of report from me.  i ended up staying sunday night though and i was all the more happier for it despite 4 hours of sleep. i never know how i’ll make it through the day  and inevitably around 3PM my brain will blow a fuse and i’ll need to stop and contemplate afternoon coffee but i always survive.  even today at 7PM as i adjusted my budget for the nth time, fuzzy eyed and drooling, i still felt ok and not the least bit annoyed i was there late.  i think i’ve gotten over this whole ‘working late’ thing.  it happens.  there’ll be days where i won’t be the last one to leave the office.  i’m glad to be working and i’m happy to have a job despite the long days.

and with that it’s almost 11PM.  i just finished dinner.

i need to pass out.


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