all hoodies and knee high socks

it’s a hoodie and knee high kinda day. the sun is out but i don’t trust that it’s actually warm outside. despite going to bed around 5am i found myself wide awake at 9 and decided to finish filing my taxes and order checks (i haven’t had checks in YEARS) because i realized i needed a blank check for direct deposit.

i’ve been listening to the radio dept. lately.  it’s perfect morning music.

i tried to go back to sleep but it seemed futile so i fed my cat, read some before decided i needed to eat.

with no real food in the house i had a random breakfast of spinach and corn.  it sorta made me feel like i was in college again not knowing how to feed myself appropriately.

i decided to see what would happen if i made up something with the poppy seed dough i was sure was dead and ended up making up a soft sweet roll.while it was supposed to be in loafy form like this, i shaped some free form blobs, topped ’em with poppy seeds, agave and lemon juice and ended up with something that would make me cry if i was allergic to gluten.

i did a lot of reading last night about celiac diseas as one of the side affects is a rash. i ruled it out due to the nature of how mine is migrating but i did contemplate giving up gluten to see how my body would react but decided life is hard enough. give me a goddamn biscuit.

i feel less whiny this morning which is good.  i feel verbose although boring as well.  i’ve been wanting to write but what’s been coming out is this.  bleh. uninteresting blather, but it’ll do.

and since it seems like the rain is taking today off, i really should go for a walk.


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