i’m always surprised when i tell people that i’m vegan that they think that i eat fish.

i feel somewhat distant from the land of normal people these days. it’s been awhile since i’ve felt like i didn’t fit in that i almost feel like it’s grade school all over again. as i type this the inside of my left elbow starts to tingle and itch despite an application of hydrocortisone. my right shoulder near my clavicle too. hives. hives have always meant stress. i remember breaking out into hives for the first time in college. i was a full time student, i was working a full time job and i thought it would be a good idea to pledge a co-ed fraternity because i just wasn’t busy enough. ten minutes before a pledge meeting i turned all sorts of welty and swollen. it had never happened to me before so i couldn’t explain it. my roommate whose parents owned a pharmacy fed me an uber-benadryl and i slept for 14 hours straight. i woke up hiveless and proceeded to run myself into the ground until the end of the semester.

the second time i broke out into hives was during the great sleep disorder of 2006 i had finally given in and taken something to help me pass out and i woke up 17 hours later and went to work like nothing happened.

the third time was the night before i was laid off last year. i itched my way to the office, was told I had a month and showed up at the dr.’s doorstep weepy and tired.

i have nothing to really be stressed about which is the strange thing. i am not working 60 hour weeks nor am i awake for days straight. i am in a healthy relationship and i have wonderful friends. i am not taking on more responsibility than i need to and i do not have a sleep disorder. this hive business is all ridiculousness.

i get to see michael tomorrow, which helps as i haven’t been to yoga in 7 days. maybe the hives will retreat when i get to see laura again. someday.


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