i deep fried a hot dog stuffed bagel

it’s been an emotionally exhausting week. my second week on the job and i’m already having days where i realize it’s 3:00PM and i haven’t gotten up to pee yet. friday, i discovered that if you wait it out long enough hunger and the desire to urinate go away eventually but be forewarned when they come back, they’re not playing around and you best be sure there’s a toilet and an emergency cliff bar near by because you’ll be needing both.

nothing spelled wonderful better then being in the kitchen with jeff and my dear portlander friend bobby, making dinner and drinking wine. it was comforting to have them near and i was so happy that they got to spend some time together to hang out since i ended up coming home so late from work. i had left dalva’s thursday night painfully tired. my face hurt. much crying was involved. lots of it felt really good.

i took bobby to samovar saturday morning before his flight. i kissed the dr. on his sleepy forehead and walked outside to find the first truly sunny day in what has felt like seven days and seven nights of torrential downpour. i joyfully sipped a vegan thai iced tea and ate squash dumplings. after seeing him off to bart i dropped by birite for provisions for josh’s deep fry party. upon entering josh’s apartment i declared that it smelled like a chinese restaurant. i made an acceptable but not exciting vegan dipping batter and i began doing what every fiber in my being knows is wrong.

I stuffed a veggie dog into a bagel, battered it, and fried it.

and fitfully ate it.

fried. bagel.

it was horrific and wonderful at the same time.

the highlight though had to be the mushroom caps stuffed with toffutti cream cheese or the batter fried oreos.

or the coming up with kitten garbage’s first single, “should i hug you like friends or kiss you like we fucked?”

the dr. and i lingered long after everyone left and we sat and lounged with josh and buckley. the moon had come out and was large and hanging low over the city. i wanted to touch it. like somehow it was possible. i reached my hand towards it like i could do it.

the rest of the weekend unraveled with ease. i felt safe and taken care of. i felt good about life in general. as i stare down the barrel of another busy week jam packed with conference calls, design meetings, the first LOST NIGHT of the season, the dr.’s surgery and dinner in oakland with sadia’s mama i know i’ll make it through ok.

i’ve got the new broken bells, a gigantic winter squash, a boatload of friends and a wonderful boyfriend.


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